Team Building & Communication Skills

How can staff fully serve your customers and get along with each other if they are drained by the frustrations of working together or serving difficult clients? To address this concern, this workshop introduces participants to four different personality styles and demonstrates how to communicate with people who are different from themselves.

The course is based upon decades of management research and guides participants to work synergistically within teams, with customers, and those in their personal lives. Focus areas include:

  • Understanding their own personality
  • Strategies to work effectively with others
  • Addressing communication misfires
  • Honoring personality diversity
Tippy comes into her work with enthusiasm, knowledge and a caring attitude.
Debra Robertson
Funny and compassionate rolled into one great trainer.
Robyn Davis
Tippy is a very easy trainer to love. She takes 9 steps toward you and you only have to take 1 step toward her to learn and use the material.
Peggy Wiggen
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