Ben Franklin was spot on when he said “an investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” No one wants a dead-end job. People want an opportunity to advance their careers and contribute to the overall success of an organization. As an employer, you want employees to be engaged, productive, and motivated.

Do you want to know the secret sauce for making everyone happy?

One word: TRAINING

I’m Tippy Amick and my passion for delivering exceptional training has not wavered in over 20 years. My areas of expertise include communication, human performance, and leadership training.

The goal of my workshops is to help you create a positive, creative environment where team camaraderie is greatly enhanced by shaking up the status quo in your organization…in a good way.

Investment in training cannot be overstated. The benefits far outweigh the costs; not only dollar-wise but in employee satisfaction and retention. Let’s look at a few other benefits of training your team:

  • An increase in productivity
  • Discovery of your employee’s untapped potential, and
  • A decrease in absenteeism, illness, and negative attitudes

Your investment in training shows your employees they are valued!

What are my credentials?

I obtained my undergraduate degree from Winthrop College in psychology, a Masters degree from the University of South Carolina in counseling, and a Doctorate degree in Human Services & Studies from Florida State University.  What this means to you is, I know this stuff and I am passionate about it!

My training journey has included the position of training director for several large organizations such as The Florida Department of Management Services, The Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, and the Agency of Workforce Innovation. I’ve also had the pleasure of conducting training for over 100 organizations such as the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Tallahassee Regional Medical Center, The Spartanburg Mental Health Center, The Department of Administrative Hearings and the Florida Association of Court Clerks.

For years I’ve volunteered for the American Red Cross and Guardian Ad Litem. For me, there is no greater joy than making a difference in people’s lives.

Now it’s your turn. It’s time to equip your staff with the skills they need to excel.

Contact me at tippy@nettally.com.


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